Membr Notes v0.9.3-Get things done with task lists and more

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2 min readMay 8, 2022


It’s been a long time since I last posted updates regarding Membr for Chrome and we’re changing that now. I’ve been hard at work closing out features (and bugs) in anticipation of the version 1 release and I couldn’t be more excited and anxious about the launch.

What’s new in the May update?

1. New ways to authenticate:

Previously the only way to sign in was with Google and that left out users who didn’t have Google accounts or didn’t want to sign in with Google.

The new update adds email and password sign-in so users can authenticate using any email address. I’m hoping this leads to more people trying out the app.

Email/Password Sign In and Sign Up

2. Get things done with task lists:

v0.9.3 brings with it task lists with support for nesting.

Checklists in action

3. Improvements to image upload:

You can now drag and drop images from more websites into the editor (you don’t have to hunt for the source link for an image before copying it into the editor).

4. Bug fixes and improvements:

As always.

And that’s it. As we work towards v1 of Membr for Chrome, I’ll increase the cadence of updates and blog posts, so stay tuned!



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