Re-thinking note-taking on the web

Particle Shift
2 min readJun 26, 2021

My next product is a tool that provides a better note-taking experience on the web. This is a personal problem I’ve always wanted to solve because like most people, I do a huge chunk of my work in the browser.

However, I typically have to write down companion notes to better understand infromation and to quickly catch up on forgotten bits. This is something I believe can be done better and in a significantly more productive way.

This is where this new tool comes in, it’ll be taking that metaphor to the web where we can leverage the open, interactive and dynamic nature of the web to deliver a rich note-taking experience that is also contextually aware (à la Look Up in Mac OS or even Grammarly).

In the fashion of Look Up in Mac OS

This will be a continuous and long-term endeavor of mine and I hope to document every step on the journey here on Medium. So here’s a little teaser to begin with:

I’m excited about the future and will be sharing more progress soon. Follow my socials for updates and register below for the private beta which begins from 22nd September 2021.

Join the private beta which starts soon.




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